Fraternity and Sorority Alumni Society

photo of campus in the snow

Who are we?

Fraternity and Sorority Alumni of Wright State who are interested in maintaining connections with fellow alumni, the university, and current students.

Mission statement

The Fraternity and Sorority Alumni Society (FSAS) shall work to enrich Wright State University, collegiate members of Wright State University Fraternity and Sorority Governing Counsel (FSGC) organizations through the promotion of scholarship, service and community as well as facilitating and promoting the professional endeavors and development and relations of alumni members from Wright State University FSGC organizations.

Our primary focus will be to support FSGC life by fostering a partnership between collegiate and alumni, enhancing scholastic endeavors through collegiate scholarships, and foster lifelong alumni relations with Wright State University through visibility, fundraising, recruitment, and networking efforts.

What are our goals?

The goals of the alumni society are:

  1. Assisting with the recruitment and member retention in Fraternity/Sorority Greek Counsel (FSGC) organizations.
  2. Developing and perpetuation fellowship among FSGC Alumni.
  3. Fundraising to provide financial support to Wright State Students who are members of an Interfraternity Council, National PanHellenic Council or National PanHellenic Conference Organization.
  4. Establishing and maintaining a presence of Greek Alumni leadership and involvement on the University campus.

Who is eligible?

Graduates of Wright State University with affiliations to the following organizations: Inter-Fraternity Counsel, National Pan Hellenic Counsel, Pan Hellenic Counsel, FSGC. Other interested parties such as faculty, staff, or other individuals who have a sincere interest in the Alumni Society may join.

Scholarship information

The Fraternity Sorority Alumni Society Scholarship Fund supports students who are members in good standing of an Interfraternity Council, National PanHellenic Council, or National Panhellenic Conference organization. The society is currently working to endow the fund while continuing to sustain current-use scholarships.

Donations can be made online or by sending a check made payable to the Wright State University Foundation, designated to the Fraternity Sorority Alumni Scholarship Fund, and mailed to:
Wright State University Foundation
3640 Colonel Glenn Highway
Dayton, OH 45435