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The Wright State Alumni Association offers educational tours with unique itineraries exclusively to our Wright State family (alumni, friends, faculty, staff & retirees).  Travel to exotic destinations to learn about culture, art, history, and much more.   

2019 TOURS 

Iceland's Magical Northern Lights
February 10-16, 2019
From $3,949/person, including air fare

Each year, during the winter months, travelers journey to Iceland and venture out into the dark to see the magical but elusive northern lights (aurora borealis). This natural phenomenon is the product of collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth's atmosphere; the results are spectacular! Streaks of colorful light appear across the sky. The colors can vary from white to pink or purple and, most commonly, green. This light show is truly dazzling and worth the pursuit. 

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Baltic and Scandinavian Ballads
10-night luxury cruise aboard Marina
Stockholm to Copenhagen
June 13–24, 2019
From $3,899/person including air fare

Enjoy historic charms as you sail the Baltic Sea between legendary cities. Embark Marina in Stockholm, and sail to Tallinn. Here, red-roofed homes line cobblestone streets and ancient churches are ornamented by powerful spires. Explore the medieval town before continuing to Saint Petersburg for a two-day visit. Take in the Russian canal-crossed metropolis and its many elaborate palaces before sailing to Helsinki, where innovative architecture overlooks spacious green parks and open-air markets. Then, continue to Riga, where elaborate Art Nouveau structures transform city streets into works of art. Stroll past stately buildings in Klaipēda, a gateway to the pine groves and sand dunes of the Curonian Spit, and wander the history-lined avenues of the unique Polish city of Gdańsk. Before concluding your adventure in Copenhagen, sail to the city of Rostock, a seaside gem in northern Germany, enchanting all with its Hanseatic flair, or travel inland to Berlin, one of Europe’s liveliest capitals—brimming with unforgettable cultural landmarks.

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Inspiring Italy
10-night luxury cruise aboard Sirena
Venice to Monte Carlo
September 1–12, 2019
From $4,099/person including air fare

Take in the renowned scenes of the Italian coastline during this incredible eleven-day/ ten-night cruise. Overnight in Venice, an enchanting city of weaving canals and opulent palazzi. Embark Sirena and sail Umbria, a region of incredible beauty with rolling hills, and wildflower-dotted meadows. Bari, the following stop, is home to St. Nicholas Basilica, beneath which is where legendary Saint Nicholas is said to be interred. Next, sail to Crotone, which offers fine museums, art galleries, and imposing monuments, and to Taormina, a town that boasts unrivaled panoramas of the Ionian Sea and Mount Etna. Visit Amalfi, an enchanting town filled with ancient wonders like a twelfth-century Capuchin monastery and a beautiful eleventh-century cathedral and cloister. Nearby, Positano charms all who visit with its colorful fishing boats and Moorish-style houses. Next, sail to Civitavecchia, the port for legendary Rome, Italy’s treasure of history and architecture. Discover the capital’s legendary sites before visiting Portoferraio on the island of Elba, where Napoleon was exiled. Learn about his influence on the area before heading to Portofino, a fishing village turned seaside resort. In town you’ll find pretty pastel-colored houses on the harbor and plenty of boutique shopping and sidewalk cafes.

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Colors, Coasts, & Coves of Canada & New England
11-night luxury cruise aboard Riviera
New York to Montréal
September 27 – October 8, 2019
From $4,099/person including air fare

Take in vibrant fall colors along the coast of New England and in Canada. Depart from New York and sail to Newport to take in the city’s remarkable shoreline and opulent Gilded Age mansions. Then, spend two days in Boston, one of America’s oldest and most influential cities, and learn about its remarkable history. The next stop in Bar Harbor  and view its sweeping natural vistas, while Saint John, the following port, is home to geological marvels like the Reversing Falls, a daily tidal phenomenon that reverses the flow of the Saint John River.  Big-city Halifax has a remarkable small-town feel, and Sydney is home to landmarks dating back to the 1700s. Before ending your cruise in Montréal, visit the setting of the historic conference that led to the formation of Canada in Charlottetown, located on Prince Edward Island—the setting of Anne of Green Gables—and stroll the romantic cobbled streets of Québec City as you admire centuries-old architecture.

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