Amigos Latinos de Wright State University

photo of the wright b flyer in dunbar library

Who are we?

Amigos Latinos alumni who are interested in maintaining connections with fellow alumni, the university and current students and faculty at Wright State.

Mission statement

The Amigos Latinos Alumni Society (ALAS) shall develop, plan, implement, and promote diverse activities. These activities will provide support for the continual success of Wright State University’s Amigos Latinos alumni, students, faculty, and staff.

What are our goals?

The goals of the alumni society are:

  1. Provide an opportunity for professional networking and socializing.
  2. Assist in providing a supportive and productive environment in which Amigos Latinos students can study, teach, and develop as individuals.
  3. Fundraising to provide financial support to Wright State Amigos Latinos students.
  4. Establishing and maintaining a presence of Amigos Latinos leadership and involvement on campus.

Who is eligible?

Any Amigos Latinos alumni. Other interested parties such as faculty, staff, or other individuals who have a sincere interest in the Society may join.

How can you join?

There are no fees to join the Amigos Latinos Alumni Society. For more information email us at:

Amigos Latinos Alumni Society

President: Karla Knox,