Wright State University Alumni Association announces new membership model

The Wright State University Alumni Association has grown to over 100,000 graduates.

The size of the Wright State University Alumni Association has grown to over 100,000 graduates.  The Alumni Association Board of Directors voted and approved changes to dues-paying members of the Alumni Association.  Effective August 1, 2014, all degreed alumni are members of the Wright State University Alumni Association.  

All degreed alumni who have earned an associate, bachelor, graduate, or professional degree from Wright State, which includes graduates from the Boonshoft School of Medicine and School of Professional Psychology are now members of the Alumni Association with the rights and privileges based on their level.  The three levels of membership are: Green, Gold and Life Gold.

Historically, membership dues have supported the Alumni Association’s alumni programming, sponsored alumni networks and societies, and supported scholarships as well as other special programming opportunities. Alumni have always been encouraged to stay connected to the university after graduation, whether that was through financial support to the university or association, being an alumni ambassador for student recruitment, or being involved as a volunteer through other activities with the association or the university.

Non-member alumni may have not felt the same connection to the Alumni Association and probably did not consider the Association to be their main tie to the university. With this new membership model, the moment you earn a Wright State University degree you become a member of the Alumni Association.

Because the new inclusive membership model reduces the need to balance the budget with dues, the Association can now focus on helping all alumni become connected and remain engaged with Wright State and their fellow alumni in Raider Nation!

Life, annual, and now newly welcomed members of the Alumni Association may be wondering, “what does this mean for me?”

One hundred percent of Wright State graduates are Green Members of the Alumni Association and receive benefits and discounts year round.

For Life Members who joined prior to the model conversion or who were making life membership installments (and continue to make installments for the life of the payment plan), much remains the same. You will become a Life Gold Member.

Members who previously paid annual dues will now maintain similar status in the new Gold Member level by making a tax-deductible donation of $50 or more cumulatively in a fiscal year to any of the hundreds of Wright State University funds. Gifts can be spread across several funds to reach the minimum donation.

This opportunity for our alumni to support personal areas of interest within Wright State University is a meaningful enhancement to the Alumni Association membership structure. To learn more about our university funds, please visit: www.wright.edu/give