Wright State Alumni Welcomes Newly Formed Motion Pictures Alumni Society

The film works of the faculty, students, and alumni of the Wright State Motion Pictures program have been recognized by virtually every major industry award, including the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. The outstanding faculty of film professionals at Wright State is dedicated to training future leaders in film production, as well as in film history, theory, and criticism. 

The Wright State Alumni Association is proud to announce that the Wright State University Motion Picture Alumni Society (WSUMPAS) has been formed. Led by Nichol Simmons and Karri O’Reilly, this society plans to build and maintain partnerships among friends, alumni, faculty, and students of the Motion Picture program to develop financial and network support that will ensure the security and success of the program in perpetuity.

The society plans to assist the program by encouraging annual giving from alumni and by creating opportunities for alumni and friends of the program to reconnect to each other and the university.

An executive committee for the alumni society has been formed and regional advisory committee leaders for Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, New Orleans, and Dayton have been selected. These regional advisory committees will provide professional support to alumni transitioning into the respective job market. 

Like the society on Facebook for updates about upcoming WSUMPAS events or to learn more about how to support the Wright State Motion Pictures program.

Please contact Nichol Simmons or Karri O’Reilly with questions.