Winters Last Blast

Contributed by Dennis Goebel, Vice President, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company 

You may be dreaming of spring, but don’t forget the cold, hard facts: Old Man Winter still has plenty of time to deliver a deadly blizzard or ice storm. Follow these tips if you lose power in your home or are stranded in your car. 

At Home

  • Replenish dwindling emergency supplies, including food, water, and batteries.
  • Stock plenty of dry logs for your fireplace.
  • If you lose electricity that powers your thermostats and furnace, wear warm clothes and keep extra blankets nearby. NEVER turn on a gas oven to supply heat.
  • Instead of candles, use flashlights and battery-powered lanterns to provide light. 

In Your Vehicle

  • Stay inside, but if it’s safe to do so, hang a colored cloth on your antenna or lay flares on the road to indicate distress.
  • Run the heater for 10 minutes every hour with the engine on so you don’t drain your battery.
  • Crack a window for fresh air.
  • Put on extra layers of clothing or wrap yourself in a blanket.
  • Try to stay awake if you’re alone or alternate taking naps with your passengers.
  • If water is unavailable, melt snow before you eat it; otherwise it will lower your body temperature. 

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