Amy Pleiman '16

 Name:  Amy PleimanAmy Pleiman

Major:  Middle Childhood Education

Hometown:  Fort Loramie, OH

Post-graduation plans: After graduation, I plan to continue my studies in Graduate School at Wright State in Dayton.  I will begin my studies this summer and plan to achieve my degree in May 2017.  Once I receive my Master’s in Education, I hope to become employed teaching mathematics and language arts at either the middle school or junior high school levels in the Auglaize-Mercer-Shelby county area.

How/why did you choose to become a Raider? Why did you specifically choose the Lake Campus?
The reasons I chose the Lake Campus include its small-town atmosphere and reasonable tuition.  I enjoyed the small class sizes since these allowed me to get to know each of my classmates and professors on a personal level.  Many of my classmates have become friends throughout my four years at the Lake Campus because they were the same classmates since my first college class.  I specifically chose the Lake Campus since the faculty help place education students in the excellent schools surrounding the Lake Campus area.  The student teaching experience gave me opportunities to network with many area schools, which should help lead me to a long-term position teaching mathematics and language arts in one of these local middle schools or junior high schools.

What student organizations or activities have you been involved in during your time at Wright State?
During my time at the Lake Campus, I became involved with Circle K Club and was the secretary for Cultural Enrichment Club.  I have also helped with the STEM Days that the Education department has put on at the Lake Campus. 

What will you miss the most about Wright State?
I will miss my fellow classmates/friends the most.  Small class sizes at the Lake Campus provide you with an opportunity to meet many people during your years at the Lake Campus.  I only hope we stay in touch during the years to come!

What was your biggest accomplishment while at Wright State?
My biggest accomplishment will be happening this spring when I graduate with my Bachelor’s!

What was your favorite class you took at Wright State?
It is not considered a class, but my favorite activity included all of my student teachings that I did at local area schools.  Student teaching in the classroom was very rewarding since I could see various instructors’ teaching styles and their effectiveness with hardworking students.

What advice do you have for underclassmen?
My advice is to “break out of your shell” and meet new people.  The college experience is built not only on what you learn from your professors, but on what you learn from your peers.  I often ask other students further along in my program for advice on what to do in a situation.  You learn a lot when you listen.

Would you like toshout outany professors or staff who helped you get to this point?
Shout out to Mindy Fulks!  I truly do not know if I would be ready to teach my own classroom if it was not for you.  You helped me feel better prepared with your words of wisdom and the assignments you had us do.  I am so happy to have many things already prepared for my future classroom.  Thank you for all the laughs and wonderful memories!