Amber Daniel '16

Name: Amber Daniel

MS in Leadership Development (MSLD)

Wapakoneta, Ohio

Post-graduation plans:
I plan to pursue further study and enter academia as a professional. In time it would be great to use my Leadership Development skills in the community as well.

Why did you choose to become a Raider?
After considering a number of courses offered at a number of institutions, I decided to become a Raider because it was the best choice for quality education. The course offering for the MSLD was remarkable. I spoke with some of my former professors about my options, and we were all convinced that Wright State offered the best blend of educational opportunities for me.

How has Wright State prepared you for your post-grad plans?
WSU prepared me for all of this through not only my academic skills, but also adding a practical team focus to my learning experience. My professors led by example, modeling the way, inspiring a shared vision; they consistently challenged the process, enabled us to act, and encouraged out hearts. James Kouzers and Barry Posner developed that leadership model, but the MSLD cadre of professors brought this theory to life.

What is your favorite Wright State memory?
There are so very many WSU memories. I think the thesis preparation process was my favorite memory to date. There were a few elements which coalesced to make this memorable: my supportive and jovial cohort members, my dedicated and encouraging thesis advisor, my insightful thesis committee, and my family. This was a major growth experience that I will never forget.

What is your favorite place on campus?
My favorite place on campus is on the first floor of Allyn Hall in the student area where the desktop, printer, vending machines, and ATM are. This is where I met my husband after each class. It is where we hung out before class and shared romantic morsels of sushi, soup, or pizza from the Hangar.

What student organizations or activities have you been involved in at Wright State?
At the Lake Campus, I have been involved in the Cultural Enrichment Club which held many events such as a Caribbean night featuring Caribbean food, live steel pan music, limbo and dancing; a Bluegrass concert, an Opera (Madame Butterfly), a Straight No Chaser concert at Christmas, Martin Luther King Jr. discussions, as well as other things. We will be going on a trip to Europe, in May, visiting Munich, Heildelburg, the Swiss Alps, Austria, Venice, and Paris. We also have a Cinco do Mayo event coming up in April!

What will you miss the most about Wright State?
I will miss it so much, I think I’m going to stay and apply to pursue a doctoral degree here, after graduation. However, I will miss my cohort! They are the BEST!

What was your biggest accomplishment while at Wright State?
Being awarded an academic scholarship.

What was your favorite class you took at Wright State?
My favorite class was Ethics with Dr. Noel. It was challenging and I disliked the model at first, but later, I appreciated the tool for what it was. I liked the challenge of presenting the material in different ways with different people for each class.

What advice do you have for underclassmen?
Enjoy every moment. Bring you whole self and all your passion to the process. It passes more quickly that you would expect. If you get something wrong, do it over, try it again. There will be personal misunderstandings, and that’s ok, because that’s the stuff that makes interaction with people wonderfully intriguing.

Would you like to shout out any professors or staff who helped you get to this point?
Dr. Mc Nutt—your belief in me was unwavering. Thank you!

Dr. Franco—I could not have gotten to this point without you. I am humbled and grateful to have had you rooting for and working with me. Your influence convinced me that this was what I wanted to do with my life. Your passion and grace, attention to detail and discernment were gifts that every graduate student longs for in an advisor. You lavishly shared these with me. Thank you!

ALL my other professors also did a wonderful job in preparing me to get to this point, but I would like to shout out Julia Acosta who did all within her power to get me here to school in time. Dealing with immigration in another country is demanding and downright daunting. Regardless of the additional letters requested, with their immigration intricacies, Julia came through. Thank you, Julia. I would not have been here without your help. Abby Daniel, who admitted me, you rock!