Veteran and Military Alumni Society

Who are we?

We are Alumni, Veterans, service members, employers, families, friends, supporters and advocates. We are a collective, supporting Wright State’s newest veteran and military-connected alumni in the next chapter of their lives through mentoring, networking, job placement assistance and more. We are a group open to all who wish to support our cause.

Mission statement

The Veteran & Military Alumni Society (VMAS) serves to champion Veteran and military-connected Alumni while supporting the success of the Veteran and Military Center, the Alumni Association, Wright State University, and the community. This will be provided through personal and professional networking, alumni engagement, fundraising, in-kind and volunteer support, and service initiatives.

What are our goals?

The VMAS shall assist and enhance the Veteran and Military Center (VMC) and the Wright State University (WSU) Alumni Association as well as the University through:

  • Assisting with the recruitment and retention of Veteran and Military connected students, faculty, and administration;
  • Active participation in activities designed to promote, enliven, and support Veteran and Military connected interests;
  • Fundraising for the University and the Veteran and Military Center;
  • Establishing and maintaining a presence of Veteran and Military leadership and involvement on the University campus;
  • Developing and perpetuating fellowship among Veteran and Military connected alumni;
  • Cooperating with the Alumni Association in addressing the needs and concerns of Veteran and Military connected alumni; and
  • Encouraging the involvement of members of the VMAS in the organization and activities of the WSU Alumni Association.
  • Encouraging the involvement of members of the VMAS in the organization and activities of the WSU Alumni Association.

Who is eligible?

We welcome any person, group, or organization who is interested in supporting our mission.

  • Individual Membership can be granted through two mediums;
    1. Upon graduation, Wright State Graduates with a Veteran or military connected designation through the Veteran and Military Center, the University or the Alumni Association are transitioned into the VMAS. There are no obligations of service or activity as a VMAS member.
    2. VMAS Champions are individuals whom obtain membership by submitting written interest in assisting the VMAS, the VMC, Wright State University and its students and graduates. Membership is granted upon Executive Committee Approval of submitted interest. There is no restriction placed on military or university affiliation for active membership through this medium. 
  • VMAS Mission Support Membership
    1. This membership exists to recognize the businesses, non-profits, clubs, societies, and associations whom assist in the mission of the VMAS. Advocates of the VMAS shall be recognized for their contributions and efforts.